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“Female Friendly” (Web Series) — Written and Created by Chelsea Alana Rivera and Taylor C. Baker; Directed by Frankie Ingrassia

When one friend gets dumped and the other gets fired, they decide to join creative forces to develop what the internet sorely lacks: female-friendly porn. That’s the obvious next step for anyone, right? Though hilarious in nature, don’t be fooled: “Female Friendly” is boldly tackling a neglected yet important topic. By commenting on — and challenging — the patriarchal exclusivity of the porn industry, it promotes female sex positivity and smashes gender stereotypes all too often associated with adult entertainment.

It’s important to note that its title accurately describes both its off and onscreen experience. “Female Friendly’s” crew is composed of 90 percent women; this includes a female director, director of photography, and editor. This project therefore industrially reflects exactly what it cinematically promotes — that “women get off pretty well on their own.”

Help “Female Friendly” finish their season by visiting their Seed&Sparkcampaign.