Chelsea Alana Rivera is the proud co-creator/co-writer of "Female Friendly". From a young age, this NYC born / Texas raised actress had a burning desire to do one thing and one thing only: perform Ricky Martin on Karaoke (seriously, go see her at Brass Monkey sometime). Unfortunately, she soon found that she couldn't survive on the applause alone and decided to head west and check out a different coast. Since her move, Chelsea has had the pleasure of performing in multiple films, television shows, web series, and even as a stand up at the famed Hollywood Improv. Her love of powerhouse women (looking at you Issa Rae) and eternal annoyance at the lack of honest, on-screen female characters inspired Chelsea to create the bad ass, female-driven comedy that is "Female Friendly". Chelsea loves coffee, her dog, and numbers that are multiples of 10. See more of Chelsea livin' la vida loca on her website which she should really update: www.chelsea-alana.com.

Taylor C. Baker

a proud native Texan and is currently learning how to roller-skate whilst looking carefree. With a degree in Film & TV from The University of Texas and a silver Kia named “Roxanne” packed to the brim, Taylor made the move west to Los Angeles in late 2013. After some amazing experiences working at the likes of Paramount Pictures and The Discovery Channel, Taylor decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue a more stable path - acting. Since 2015, Taylor has the pleasure of bring her on-stage singing comedienne persona “Trixie Treble” to life in the award-winning cabaret burlesque troupe “Cherry Poppins”.  On the small screen, Taylor is incredibly proud the be the creator & star of the popular web series “Female Friendly”. In other news, Taylor has appeared numerous times on television - most recently “Lucifer” on Fox as well as several short films such as “Serial Dater”. You will often find her singing improvised songs about her day (usually involving cats). She loves potatoes in any form or fashion (can I get an amen for sweet potato fries?!) and she tends to run into door frames more than the average person.

Frankie Ingrassia is the incredible director/producer behind "Female Friendly". Better known as the experimentalist in the iconic comedy "Election," Frankie started shadowing directors in her twenties in order to learn the other side of the camera and has taken that knowledge to direct several short films, web series, music fest videos, and recently her first feature. On screen, you can currently see her opposite of Billy Bob Thornton in Amazon's "Goliath." 

Leah Anova is a Los Angeles-based Director of
Photography, who received her Masters of Fine
Arts in Cinematography from The American Film
Institute Conservatory. In 2013, Leah was
selected to participate in Film Independent’s
Project Involve. This fellowship afforded her the
opportunity to shoot two short films - 7 Day Gig,
directed by Kate Marks, and Baby Steps,
directed by Jackie Stone - along with the honor
of being mentored by esteemed
cinematographer, Michael Gols, ASC. In 2014,
Leah was awarded a coveted place in the
American Society of Cinematographers’ Master
Class Workshop - an invaluable experience that
was documented in the October issue of ASC

Juli Cuccia began acting at age12. Over the decades she has appeared in dozens of plays throughout Southern California and Hawaii. In 2015 she went from stage to screen, landing a role as a series regular on Amazons “Hawaiian Sovereignty”. She has honed her acting skills with working actor and coach, Brad Heller of the “Heller Approach” in Los Angeles. Juli is an accomplished voice over artist who’s podcast “Rose Drive” was released in September 2017. She has appeared in numerous films and commercials including, “The Dog House”, “Before The Dawn” and Credit Karma. Juli has worked with acclaimed actors Carmen Argenzanio of The Accused, Stand and Deliver and The God Father: pt II. She worked on two projects along side Alexandra Stamler of “Role Models”. In the summer of 2017 Juli grabbed the attention of award
winning female director and actress Frankie Ingrassia and appeared as a series regular in the TV series “Female Friendly” She appears as Betty in a feature under Frankie’s direction called “Vampire Dad” to be released late 2018 staring Jackson Hurst, Grace Fulton and Emily O’Brien.

Mark Atherton, a Texas native, is also a recent addition to the west coast. From a young age, Mark was an all around entertainer and general source of penis jokes. However, it wasn't until college when he found a home in the form of his his collegiate improv troupe, Freudian Slip. Since getting his start, Mark has studied in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. His years as an improvisor have served this talented co-writer well as he was able to effortlessly serve as the sole male voice in  "Female Friendly". He is excited to make his acting debut as series regular, Jake. 

Lindsay Lamb was born in Fort Myers, Florida and got bit by the acting bug at the ripe age of 8 (She sadly hasn’t recovered- Sorry Mom & Dad). Lindsay appeared in numerous commercials, films and television before earning a B.A. in Dramatic Arts and Cinematography from the University of Southern California. Since graduating, Lindsay has acquired over 30 credits and over 10M views for her shenanigans on Instagram . Lamb can be seen on hamming it up on Netflix, impersonating Kesha on YouTube, and, most commonly, suffocating her fur babies- Scotch and Jovi, with a love so deep it would make Rose jealous (there was plenty of room on that raft, RIP JACK). Stay tuned to see Lindsay play the surprisingly insighful, Courtni. Until then, get your Lamb fix here!

Michael Naizu is a Los Angeles based actor who has collaborated twice now with director and actress, Frankie Ingrassia. On the web series “Female Friendly”, Michael plays the naïve yet earnest production assistant Brian. His performance has been called “subtle, yet powerful and transcendent.” Michael also collaborated with Frankie on the upcoming horror comedy “Vampire Dad. In this hilarious, yet spooky motion picture, Michael plays the bad boy Jimmy, who has won over the shy and innocent Susie’s heart, played by Grace Fulton. The film is set to spook and delight American audiences Halloween of 2018. Michael has also co-starred on the hit TV series “Teachers” and is soon to star in an upcoming Freeform, Paramount Pilot “Girls Code” produced by Paul Feig and Kim Rosenstock.

Kira Reed Lorsch plays "The Madame". Kira is an actress, host, writer, and Emmy winning producer. After graduating from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, she enjoyed a prolific on-camera career, including a 10–year stint as a reporter/writer/producer for Playboy. Kira is currently an actress on the Emmy Winning THE BAY The Series  and spends her time giving back to numerous organizations including The Thalians: Mental Health for UCLA Operation Mend and Shelter Hope Pet Shop, a humane, non-profit, rescue only pet store. Kira is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the California Science Center and author of the book SCORE How To Win The Girl of Your Dreams

See more of Kira at KiraReedLorsch.com 

Courtney Grant is an up and coming actor from Florida. He moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago and hit the ground running. Booking jobs and co starring in roles for Sons of Anarchy, American crime story Versace and many more. Courtney has a drive and passion for what he does and continuing to make his career grow as he pursues his passions. He plays Derek in Female Friendly.

Aaron Segal is a Los Angeles based actor originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After graduating with a degree in Theater and Music from Muhlenberg College, he made his way around the New York City theater scene before booking his first few television roles. Subsequently, Aaron made the jump out West in 2016 and has since appeared on various networks (Lifetime, Discovery, and CNN to name a few) in numerous television and film roles. Additionally, he has hosted campaigns for major brands such as Samsung and Marvel comics — the latter of which came from his viral following as a parody version of Captain America. He would like to thank Cap as being the inspiration for the always patriotic Chart Weston in Female Friendly.

Natalie Mitchell has a B.F.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an M.F.A. from the Graduate Acting Department at New York University. She performed as leads at the S.T.C. (Shakespeare Theater Company, D.C.), appeared in various National Commercials — like her controversial Subway Commercial which was talked about on The Daily Show, The Huffington Post, Conversation Nation, and Good Morning America, and she is currently the Host of Crime Stoppers on CBS. Aside from acting, she has coached actors internationally on how to prepare for an audition by preparing the physical body using her yoga and Alexander training. In addition, she is a producer and co-founder of Emergence Films, which is an all-female production company that prides itself on producing films that offer female roles that are multi-dimensional. Emergence has two flagship films: Follow the River (a female western) and 30 Camels (a film based on real life experiences while traveling through Morocco). Natalie Mitchell resides in L.A. where she continues to work as an actor, coach, and producer.

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